Monday, May 7, 2007

First Subscription Packages Going Out!

Howdy everyone:

The first of the packages are going out via USPS tomorrow. I'm trying to get the ones that have to travel the farthest in the mail first, so everyone receives them at about the same time. (Jeni in the UK - I actually sent yours out on Friday, but considering how the USPS works its.....ahem... magic or lack thereof, it may arrive in Cardiff before things hit the east coast of the States. Whatever.).

A couple of notes:

1. Be sure to give the fibers a bit of a fluff and predraft. The roving has some lanolin in it and I tried to get as much air out of the bag as I could for shipping, so they will be a bit compacted, but should spring back okay once you air them out a bit.

2. The information packet is actually 2 pages, double sided. They are in protective plastic sleeves, so don't miss all the information that's hidden inside.

Hopefully I have included enough to give everyone a good jumping-off point. There are 4 ounces in this kit and that should be plenty to do some sampling and play around a bit with the wool. If you run into any questions, problems, queries, etc., feel free to post them here and we can round-table discuss them. You don't have to be limited to comments. I think I have everyone set up appropriately they can post to the blog just like it was their very own.

AND, in other news..... I have the cormo already back from the mill for subscription #2. Miriam is busy thinking up some other brilliant little design for that roving. The alpaca is already here and it is very soft and lovely, a pretty, rich cinnamon color. I finally finished washing the pygora (both colors - this will be a 2-color pattern) and just need to get that blended with a bit of wool to help with the spinning and then off to the mill that'll go. (Assuming Emma the cat will allow me to leave the house with it. She has developed an unholy attachment to the goat smell that the unwashed fiber had and kept attempted to beat down the door to the laundry room where the fleece was stored before washing so she could roll around in it.)

I think that's it! Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy spinning!


Margene said...

I've been petting and admire the Rambouillet the last few days and can't wait to get it on the bobbings. Nice work Anne!

Jennifer said...

Hooray! I'm waiting anxiously by the door for the mail man!

June said...

Anne, where do we sign up for this spinning club? Or are you all full?

Sheepish Annie said...

I am giddy!!! Positively giddy!!!!! I'll be haunting the mailbox until the mailman tells me that he is getting a restraining order...

Kristin said...

I. Can't. Wait!

Kristin said...

My package arrived yesterday. Thank you, Anne. Not only is the fiber beautiful but I loved that you included info about the breed and the farm that this came from. Can't wait to start, (but HAVE to finish one teensy project first).

Jennifer said...

It came, it came!! I can't wait to get spinning. I've got a job interview this morning that I was contemplating not going to so I could spin... Of course that could just be the nerves talking.